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Unique and Differentiated Strengths

SRFC focuses on sectors in fast-growing markets where Belt and Road economies require development and where Chinese companies have natural strengths that can translate into leading positions


SRFC is commercially driven, while complementing Government policy. We invest in and provide consultations on opportunities opened up by China’s Belt and Road Initiative

We receive strategic guidance from China’s leading think tank, the Silk Road Planning Research Center, which focuses on the Belt and Road Initiative



We have high-quality strategic shareholders and well-developed relationships with leading Chinese public and private institutions and government bodies


Our team consists of leading financial industry veterans and expert international advisors. They have the track record and unique ability to navigate business, politics and international finance, provide guidance on wider macro and geopolitical issues, and have a strong record of innovation in China and in Belt and Road markets


SRFC is a catalyst for long-term, commercial and sustainable economic development in Belt and Road economies

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