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Belt and Road

The Belt and Road is the collective abbreviation of the Silk Road Economic Belt (Belt) and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road (Road). The Belt and Road Initiative is an extensive development strategy launched by President Xi Jinping in 2013 and aims to promote economic cooperation and connectivity among countries along the Belt and Road routes.


The initiative strives to create the world's most important economic corridor, and has won support from over 100 countries and international organizations. With a collective population of more than 4.4 billion and a combined economy in excess of USD21 trillion, the Belt and Road Initiative aims to enhance infrastructure, resource development, industrial cooperation and financial integration in the region. It is also expected to help drive China's capital and capacity expansion overseas, produce advanced technologies, accelerate industrial upgrades and facilitate participation in the global economy.

As Chinese outbound investment starts to surpass inbound investment, and the economy has a net capital outflow, Chinese companies are beginning to transition from global manufacturers to global investors. SRFC is a trusted partner in this process, connecting and enabling successful collaboration between the public and private sector, and opening up business opportunities along the Belt and Road.

We have extensive experience in working with the Chinese and other governments along the Belt and Road, and operate seamlessly across private and public sectors. Our role is to identify investment opportunities, create transactions, bring together partners, execute projects and deliver attractive returns for our investors.

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