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We believe that China’s Belt and Road Initiative is an opportunity for greater cooperation between Chinese and international companies and markets. SRFC was created specifically to access investment opportunities opened up by the Belt and Road Initiative.


We have extensive experience working with the Chinese and other governments in Belt and Road countries, and we operate seamlessly across private and public sectors. As a commercially driven company, our goal is to identify and create investment opportunities, and enable the successful completion of groundbreaking cross-border projects. We focus on sectors in fast-growing markets where Belt and Road economies need development, and where Chinese companies have natural strengths that can translate into leading positions.


We are global in outlook, international in culture, and rooted in China. Our senior team is made up of leading financial industry veterans and international advisors with significant banking and investing experience.


We are supported by high quality strategic shareholders and partners, and have well-developed relationships with leading Chinese private and public institutions and government bodies.

SRFC is a catalyst for long-term, commercial, and sustainable economic development primarily along the Belt and Road.

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